Blindness and Insight




The 2016 Halloween release by the experimental outfit that is PICTURE ANN, this digital 2-track single contains two of the most dynamic and strangely beautiful tunes ever produced by the band. Morose, moving, and compelling music that weaves different influences from doom metal, stoner rock, black metal, ambient, and dungeon synth together to create something utterly haunting and introspective.

"Acoustic guitars and synths start off the single and after awhile electric guitars along with some solos and leads are added onto the recording and the music also gets very experimental at times and on the second track programmed beats are added onto the recording and all of the musical instruments sound very powerful and the whispers on the second song have a black metal feeling.

Picture Ann creates another recording that remains true to the experimental style of previous releases, the production sounds very lo-fi while the music focuses on dark themes..

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Picture Ann and if you are a fan of experimental metal, you should check out this single. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Insight". 8 out of 10." -


released October 31, 2016

All music and lyrics by J.N.
Cover photo by C.N.
Artwork by G. Owen Wears
Mastered by Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Floodgate Moods Productions Bergen, Norway

Floodgate Moods Productions is not a label in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. it is merely a way for me (J.N.) to stream/distribute/make available certain releases that I have made or taken part in making over the years. Enjoy, a-holes!

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